The Battledore - 2018

Techies Badminton Championship ( December 8 - 9, 2018)

about the event

Progressive Techies are conducting a Techies Badminton Championship, “The Battledore - 2018” on 8th & 9th December, 2018 at United Sports Centre, Kakkanad. Employees of IT companies can compete in different categories, which are Doubles' championships  ( Men's, Women's & Mixed) and Team challenge.

Don't wait up, register today itself with your colleagues and start practicing! It's your chance to show who's the best!

Rules and Regular Guidelines

    General Rules

  1. The tournament is open to all individuals working in IT companies.
  2. The tournament comprises of below events:
    • Doubles category: Men's, Women's & Mixed.
    • Team Challenge.
  3. Yonex Mavis 350 shuttle will be used for the tournament.
  4. Players from Non-IT companies won’t be entertained.
  5. Players can participate in more than one category/event.
  6. Both the players in a team should belong to same organisation.
  7. Participants have to produce their company/ organisation ID card.
  8. Participants need to send an e-mail from official mail id to –OR- confirmation on official letter head about the participants while reporting for their matches.
  9. Participants from companies outside Kakkanad should bring HR letter confirming their employment.
  10. Participants have to reveal their HR contact details at any point of time on demand.
  11. Any dispute regarding any teams should be disclosed to organisers first.
  12. Team will be disqualified at any point of time on finding any dispute true and legal actions will be taken.
  13. For all matches, players / teams to report at least 30 minutes before scheduled time.
  14. We are following Rules formulated by BWF and BAI.
  15. Players to be in proper playing attire.
  16. Players to wear non-marking shoes.
  17. From Semi Final onwards, it is requested that partners same colour dress.
  18. For any matter related to conduct of matches, contact Referee.
  19. The registration fee & the details regarding participants have to reach the organisers on or before 1st December 2018.
  20. Registration would be considered as complete only if the registration form is filled with your details, mode of payment is selected and the amount is paid on or before 1st December 2018 and mail confirmation is send from official mail.
  21. Team Challenge

  22. The team event should consist of at least 5 men & 3 women and a maximum of 12 members, all from same organisation.
  23. Team challenge consists of two men’s doubles, one women’s doubles and two mixed doubles match.
  24. Match oder will be reveled at the venue.
  25. A team should nominate a team leader.
  26. Each team can nominate a male and a female marquee player.
  27. Marquee players can participate a maximum of two matches.
  28. Marquee players are restricted from forming team in mixed doubles.
  29. Team challenge will be of best of 5 matches order.
  30. Each win will award 1 point to the team.
  31. Team challege matches will be of 3 games 15 points sudden death through out the tournament.
  32. Team winning the 15th point will be considered as the winner of the game(sudden death).
  33. A team winning maximum of 3 points will be considered as the winner and the rest of the matches will be omitted
  34. List of players participating in each match should be given before starting the team challege.(In each round new list need to be given)
  35. There is an option to challege the opponent team on finishing 2nd team match and the match will be called as trump match.
  36. Challege should be made soon after 2nd match or in maximum of 5 mins.
  37. Trump challege rules:
    • Only team leader can challege and the opponent is bind to accept it.
    • Challeger can decide on which is the trump match and it is be played next.
    • The trailing team has the priority to challege the opponent.
    • If the points are on draw any team can challege. (any dispute on the priority of challege will be decided by toss).
    • If the challeger loses the match , the oponent will be awarded 2 points.
    • For the opponent rule-27 will become void and allowed to form marquee players mixed doubles team, considering the marquee player hasn’t played maximum of 2 matches.
    • Shuffling the players is only allowed from given list in current tie. (No reserve player is allowed )
  38. At the end of 5 matches and considering the trump matches if the points are on draw there will be a decider team challege and rules as follows.
    • There will be a best of three matches.
    • One mens doubles , One womens doubles and one mixed doubles.
    • Only 1 match per member is allowed.
    • Matches will be of 1 set of 21 points.
    • Team winning 2 matches first will be considered as winner.
    • Marquee players can form mixed doubles team.
    • List of players need to be given prior to the first match.
  39. 38. Substitution is allowed from team if a player or players is unfit to play. (If a player is injured and was retired before finishing previous match is only considered as unfit.)
  40. Substitution is not allowed in middle of a match.
  41. Payment

  42. The Registration fee per team for doubles category is Rs.500/-
  43. The Registration fee per team for team challenge is Rs.2000/-
  44. The registration amount may be paid by cash / ‘Google Pay’ payment
    • ‘Google Pay’ number is 7907637704.(use reference text as Player1 Name/Player2 Name and for team specify as ‘<"company_name"> Team’ )
    • Cash may be remitted at United Sports Centre, Infopark Kakkanad.
  45. For other queries please contact 9846306334 / 9497351233 / 9995049695 / 9400878662 / 7907637704
  46. Disclaimer

  47. Decision of the Referees & the Organisers would be final & binding.
  48. Organisers will have the authority to cancel any event in case the number of registrations is less than expected for that event. In such cases, the registration charges will be refunded.


click here to download the match fixture

Men's Doubles

*Both the players in a team should belong to same organisation

**Registration Closed**

Women's Doubles

*Both the players in a team should belong to same organisation

**Registration Closed**

Mixed Doubles

*Both the players in a team should belong to same organisation

**Registration Closed**

Team Challenge

*Both the players in a team should belong to same organisation

*A team should consist of atleast 5 men & 3 women and a maximum of 12 members, all from same organisation

*The team event is played with 2 mens's doubles, 2 mixed doubles and 1 women's doubles.

**Registration Closed**